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Briana is stunning with a porcelain skin. Briana has a gentle loving nature and once you meet her she will drive all your fantasies wild. “I love to feel feminine,” says Briana. “The more frilly and lacy a piece of lingerie is, the happier I am. That’s because I like to stay in touch with my feminine side at all times. That, after all, is the part of me that men want to be close to. A man who could pretend to be a woman, who could grow breasts and curves at will, why, that guy would never leave the house. He’d be at home staring at himself in the mirror and probably feeling himself up. In fact, I saw a movie about that one time. There was this alien, see, and it moved from person to person, and at one point it jumped into this incredibly hot stripper. So the alien is checking itself out in the mirror later and realizes that it’s in a female body, so it starts feeling up its own breasts. It was the funniest thing. I remember thinking, if guys could grow breasts, that is what they would do. They would just sit there feeling themselves up in the mirror at all times. It’s because every guy, from the moment he hits puberty, knows he wants to be close to women. He wants to have them near, he wants to enjoy them, and he wants to put his hands on them.” Busca anuncios sobre Escorts y putas en Bogota, avisos para prepagos. Contactos profesionales en Bogotá Escorts – Bogotá Escort
Briana goes on, “I treasure my femininity. I love being sexy. A woman’s body is all curves, and they are the best curves in the world. Would it shock you to know that I like to look at men’s magazines? It’s because those magazines have the best pictures of the female body. As much as I treasure my body, as much as I treasure my femininity, I love that men love it even more. A man is at his best when he is showing a woman how much he wants her. The hotter she is, the more excited he gets. I look at the pictures in a men’s magazine and I see genuine love for the subject matter. This is what men want and it’s what they enjoy. They want so badly to be close to me that they’ll do almost anything. Who am I to deny that kind of devotion? I try to make my clients as happy as I possibly can as a result. Every man deserves the kind of world I can give him, a world where he’s the king and I’m there to serve him as his servant.” Escort, Bogota Escorts, Escort Bogota, Escorts, Mujeres Prepago, Acompanantes Bogota, Chicas Bogota, Escorts Colombia, Chicas Acompañantes, Prepagos de Bogotá
Briana concludes, “There is no greater joy to me than making a client satisfied. I want to help him build memories he will take away from our booking. I know that he’s going to remember me. I just want to make sure all those memories are as perfect as I can make them. It’s a very powerful thing to be able to affect a person’s memory with just your presence. I try to be worthy of that and never take it for granted. That’s very important.”


Age: 23

Height: 1.67 m

Weight: 54 kg

Measurements: 34B-26-34 {Natural}


1 hour: 200 us $
2 hours: 350 us $
3 hours: 500 us $
6 hours: 800 us $
12 hours: 1200 us $
24 hours: 1500 us $


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